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Having access to first and safety supplies in the workplace isn’t just a convenience; it’s essential. For that reason, it’s critical that your first aid kits are well stocked with quality supplies (including PPE), ensuring your employees are prepared for any accident that may take place.


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Maintaining OSHA and ANSI standards, as well as keeping track of what’s in stock in your kit, can be difficult when you’re also busy running a business. That’s why Ace ImageWear is expanding to provide a top-notch First Aid and Safety program for all your first aid and safety needs. Ace First Aid and Safety offer first aid kits, a full line of PPE and safety supplies, AEDs, eyewash stations, and more!

Workplace First Aid

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First Aid Emergency

Once you begin your service with Ace First Aid, your designated Service Representative will meet with you regularly to discuss your first aid and safety program and make any adjustments needed to ensure the safety of your staff. To ensure you aren’t over or understocked, we use a sophisticated software program to track product use, allowing you and your team to always be prepared for a first-aid emergency.

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Having Aches and Pains With
Your First Aid Supplier?

Is your current first aid supplier making it difficult to read the invoice? Feel like you are being punished for being a long-time customer? On-site first aid should always save you money. At Ace, we believe in building a one-to-one relationship. We can help you decode your current supplier’s invoice, and our personal, easy-to-read electronic invoices won’t leave you scratching your head.

Aid It, Ace It

Ace it with First Aid
and Safety!

Stop juggling between managing your business and managing your First Aid and Safety program. When accidents happen, you need to be certain your cabinet is stocked, and Ace First Aid and Safety is the one to trust! Feel a little more well-prepared by investing in Ace’s first aid program.

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First Aid

Don't settle for anything less than the best for your employees. Our cabinets meet the ANSI/ISEA Z308.1–2021 Class B Standards, unlike many other providers who often offer less for more.

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Minimize the chance of severe eye injuries with eyewash stations that comply with OSHA and ANSI standards. And with our service, you can rest assured that maintenance is taken care of.

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AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are critical in saving the lives of individuals who experience sudden cardiac arrest, making them an essential requirement for most workplaces. Let Ace First Aid take care of everything AED-related, including installation, training, maintenance, and upkeep.

Ready to be rid of band-aid solutions when it comes to your facility’s First Aid products and services? Request a quote today!