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About Us

Ace First Aid is locally owned and operated, truly a Main Street business, not a Wall Street business. Our top priority is to build customer loyalty, in addition to providing the highest quality first aid materials for your team. We will not invoice like our national competitors, because we care more about our customers than our bottom line.

What’s more, Ace’s First aid co-founder pioneered the OSHA guarantee, meaning if you receive an OSHA fine related to first aid supplies we provided, we will cover the cost of the fine up to $1,000. Our professionally trained first aid representative will handle all your needs without loading your invoice with bogus charges and unnecessary fees.


The Local Difference

    We know working with a national provider for your First Aid services can be inconvenient, frustrating, and expensive. That’s why when you work with Ace for first aid, there’s nothing vague or unclear about it. This is what you’ll be getting:

    No contracts, only easy-to-understand invoices

    No added or surprise charges

    No overstuffing or adding items to increase the invoice

    Cost-efficient, convenient, and courteous

    No contracts and no-hassle service policy

    Easy-to-read electronic invoices

    On-site product evaluation and fulfillment

    Need a Local Uniform Service 

    Ace ImageWear

      Ace First Aid & Safety is affiliated with Ace ImageWear, also based in Houston, Texas. We work with area businesses of all types and sizes to provide quality, reliable and affordable uniform rental services. Learn more about our local uniform services here.

      Warning Signs of Being Overbilled

      Have you taken a good look at your invoice? Do you really understand it? Don’t let a national provider nickel and dime you. Here are some signs your current provider is overbilling you:

      Your invoice keeps growing, but your need for supplies does not.

      Your invoice is overstuffed with unnecessary products and services.

      You see disinfectant or disinfectant wipe charges - At Ace First Aid, we provide disinfectant service for free, a standard offering.

      You often find miscellaneous or unnecessary items in your first aid kit that you did not order.

      You have more than one representative–one for first aid, another for eyewash stations, and another for your AED. Unfortunately, you are likely overpaying for those three invoices and three service charges.

      You have an exceptionally high service or delivery charge - not at Ace, your locally owned and operated first aid and safety supplier - we only charge what is fair.

      You find both generic and name-brand in your first aid kit. This is often the number one reason your invoices keep growing - Ace never will do this. 

      Ace First Aid will never add unnecessary items or services to the invoice; we will only provide you with the product and service requested and agreed to upfront.

      Ready to be rid of band-aid solutions when it comes to your facility’s First Aid products and services? Request a quote today!